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Mobile Phone (EOL) Mobile Phone (EOL)

Quick reference guide for Mobile X
ATEX/IECEx Zone 1/21
CSA Division 1
German, English and more
Quick reference guide for Mobile X
LWP - Lone Worker Protection / Mandown detection
Latest firmware is available on request.

Please send following data to the BARTEC sales representative in
your region to check whether a newer firmware version is available.
Link: Contact
  - Type number (see type lable)
  - Serial number (see type lable)
  - Build number of actual installed firmware
     to find under:
     Settings (enter password "1234") => About Phone => Build number
General product information is available on this page.

Battery type: 03-9829-0093 and 03-9829-0094
BARTEC declaration for battery of Mobile X series
  - MSDS for battery
  - Note to UN38.3 test report
  - Technical data

Test summary according to UN38.3 for battery type 03-9829-0093
and 03-9829-0094
User Manual PEGASUS 71xx Series
PEGASUS Phone Driver for Windows XP / Vista / 7
Phonebook Software (v4.0.7) for Windows XP / Vista / 7


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BMS-Graf Software

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Mobile Phone

Mobile X

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